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De Fence Max

De Fence Max

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The DE-Fence range of fencing solutions now offering the market “the new alternative” when specifying or selecting security fencing products and services specifically designed to meet all level of security required.

The De-Fence Max – Designed for front-line physical perimeter protection. High-security fencing system.DeFence Max allows a clear line of sight for CCTV monitoring and electronic detection system. Manufactured with narrow apertures. We use our unique interlocking fixing system to secure the high strength welded mesh panels to the post. Designed to create a seamless join along the entire length of the post for a maximum strength and rigidity.

The customer can choose from a range of extensions to be installed due to the use of a modular system. Extensions that can be chosen: Spikes, razor wire and also electric fencing.

Panel Specification
Width: 2900mm Height: 2200mm, 1800mm or to client specifications
Mesh Aperture: 76.2mm x 12.7mm
Wire Diameter: 3mm Horizontal And 4mm Vertical