Kolev Steel Trading

We offer a wide variety of mild steel products for both industrial, commercial and residential use.

In addition to supplying mild steel products, we also offer palisade fencing and clear view installation, repair and painting services and custom steel work services including building carport, shadeport, gates and more...


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Our Products

We supply various steel and pipe and related products

steel products

Structural Steel Sections

We supply a wide range of structural steel sections like beams, flat bar, lip channel, angle iron also known as L-shaped cross-sections. These are steel bars in the shape of an angle with equal or unequal sides.

steel products

Sheet & Plate

We supply a broad range of steel sheet & plates. Steel plates are typically used to connect other structural materials or as a component of built-up structures. The steel plates can be plasma- or laser profiled for various engineering applications.

steel products


We supply a wide range of fencing products from view fencing, palisade panels, palisade gates and razor mesh.

steel products

Reinforcing & Mesh

We supply quality wire and mesh products. Like reinforcing bars (rebar), reinforcing mesh is embedded in concrete to add the necessary degree of tensile strength to support large loads.

steel products

Roofing & Accessories

Roofing products are also available and include corrugated, Widespan and IBR steel roofing profiles. We offer cranking and bull nosing services for IBR and Widespan to ensure profiles are manufactured to your specifications.

steel products


Welding Accessories, Cutting Discs, Welding Rods, Grinding Discs,Hammered Tubing, Lugs, Hinges, Pole Caps, Roller Sets, Drill Bits, Welding Helmets